Light diesel oil (LDO) is a blend of distillate fuel with a small proportion of residual fuel. LDO is used for diesel engines, generally of the stationery type operating below 750 rpm For Ex: Lift irrigation pump sets, DG Sets and as a fuel in certain boilers and furnaces.


  • As fuel for lower RPM engines
  • As fuel for Lift irrigation pump sets and DG sets
  • As fuel for certain boilers and furnaces

Additional Information:
  • Packaging Details: Drums or IBC Tanks

Approx Price: Rs 23 /Litre

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 Litre

Product Details:

Brand Imported
Grade Density: 0.85 to 0.95
Pack Size (litres) 210
Packaging Type Barrel, Drum
Light Diesel Oil

Light Diesel Oil